Female Hormone Replacement

Healthcare professionals may give certain medications to help balance the female reproductive system. These medications may contain estrogen, progesterone, or both. Some common medications of this type are: conjugated estrogens (Premarin), estradiol (Estrace), and estradiol transdermal (Estraderm).

What do female hormone replacement medications do?

  • Female hormone replacement medications may be used to replace estrogen loss and to help prevent calcium loss that begins at mid-life. Also, they can be given for irregular or absent menstrual periods and to prevent hot flashes.

What should I tell the healthcare professional about the individual who will be taking these medications?

  • Tell the healthcare professional about any alcohol or medications (prescriptions, or nonprescription) that the patient is taking.
  • Tell if the individual is pregnant.
  • Tell if the individual is taking seizure medications.
  • Tell if you have seen changes in the individual's menstrual period.
  • Tell if the individual smokes.

How should I give this medication and how should I store it?

  • Give these medications by mouth unless indicated on the prescription.
  • You can give these medications either with or without food unless indicated on the prescription.
  • Give these medications on time and as prescribed.
  • Store these medications at room temperature.

What side effects should I look for and when might I see them?

  • The person taking the medication may feel sleepy or restless during the first few days after beginning the medication.
  • The medication may cause irregular or absent periods, nausea, breast tenderness, or darkening of the skin on the face.

What side effects must I report at once?

  • Some women experience post-menopausal bleeding, which a healthcare provider must evaluate.
  • Report at once any post-menopausal bleeding, severe headache, dizziness, or visual disturbances.

Where can I buy female hormone replacement medications?

  • Go to Online Drug Store on the World Wide Web and buy prescription drugs.